Grocery Shopping for a Bulk in Korea

With winter fast approaching, a majority of us gym enthusiasts prepare for whats known as the bulking season. Bulking season is when we trade in our tank tops and striations for mass and sweaters. Being that I’m in Daegu, South Korea for the year, it is a year of firsts.

My first bulking season in another country is off to a great start, thanks to all the people I’ve come across that have steered me in the right direction.

A few places not mentioned in the blog:

G market

Image result for gmarket

G-market is one of the first places I was told to buy my food from. They have quick delivery and are cheaper then most markets. I however have not used it for the purpose of food yet – something about not being able to physically pick the food bothers me. Some of the people I’ve talked to buy frozen chicken in bulk from here.

Water delivery

People do say the tap water in South Korea is fine to drink but like in the U.S most people drink bottled water. The school I work for hooks us up with a water delivery company that only charges us 5,000 won (about $4.50) for one water jug.

My chicken!

A friend and staff member at the gym I joined has a friend who owns a chicken distributor, so he gets chicken breast at a very good price. He charges about 3,000 won/kg (about $1.50/lb), and he sells it right from the gym! What more convenient place could there be to get your protein?! Some gyms in the U.S sells protein shakes…my gym in Korea sells chicken breasts.


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